Mokume Gane / Damascus Jewelry and custom Rings

Mokume Gane / Damascus Jewelry and custom Rings

In this article, I will explain how Mokume gane rings are made. I will also describe what Mokume gane or Damascus steel actually is.

What is Mokume gane and what does it mean ?
Firstly, it is important to know that this is ancestral and traditional technique that
we keep alive for the future.
Mokume gane was made in very ancient times in Japan and was used to decorate the
nobles’ Katana’s (swords). Therefore, at that time, it was made with different steel alloys.
During the decline of the katana industry, the craftsmen applied their know-how to
purely decorative objects.
Mokume gane is a technique by which we try to obtain patterns resembling natural
wood grain. The term “Mokume gane” in Japanese literally means “wood-eye-

How are made the veins / pattern ?

This is the magic of Mokume gane, how it gives the nature looking made by Man into metal

These “wood veins” aspects are obtained by the fusion of different metal plates, which
are then forged in different ways. Each creator develops his own technique and
keeps it secret to make it his signature.
Here are some pictures taken during the making of a pair of mokume gane wedding
rings, from left to right and from top to bottom:

Damask or damascus steel is a similar technique but the term is only used for steels.
Here are some examples of contemporary jewellery creations made by Cbijoux©.

I have worked with many future brides and grooms as I have created rings and
engagement rings since 2001.
I forge more than a hundred pairs of wedding rings per year.
Therefore, I decided to put this experience to good use in another way – by writing
articles on specific wedding topics. By doing so, I hope to help people who have
made the decision to take the plunge – getting married, wow!
What a great project, congratulations!
Here are some of the articles you can find on the “News” page:

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About the author of this article:

Cédric Chevalley is a Swiss designer, recently awarded in Barcelona with the
international grand prize “Arte y Joya internationa Award”. He has been creating his jewellery since
2001 under the brand Cbijoux and then launched the Mood collection in 2004. He is
the guy on the picture below:
You can read more about his career by visiting his website :

Cdrix, contemporary creations.
Here are some links to artists working Mokume gane :
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A retired enthusiast has created an online museum of Mokume gane
Cedric Chevalley  founder of Mood collection ring creates addon made of damascus, available
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