Creation of an engagement ring

Creation of an engagement ring

Creation of an engagement ring, custom order, by Cbijoux.

The creation of an engagement ring is THE symbol for a proposal

How do you get an engagement ring?

You can simply push the door of a jewellery store and choose from a wide range of engagement rings, this is a very simple way to do it, and it will work.

You can also go a step further and have your engagement ring custom made – a unique creation that will symbolize your wedding proposal to the person you wish to spend your life with.

In my opinion, engagement rings are often very kitsch. In the United States, it is customary to offer an engagement ring with a large solitaire (which should normally be a diamond).

Here are some examples:


If you like this kind of creations (examples above) or if it is the type of ring you are looking for, you can stop reading and end your search on You will find your happiness very easily elsewhere.

However, if you are looking for something similar to this :


… then we are all good, we can continue together, Cbijoux will be able to create your dream ring.

Should we necessarily offer a classic engagement ring?

I firmly believe that all customs, all habits can be improved, especially if they happen to be obsolete. This is when the creator, the designer comes into play.

The contemporary engagement ring can be created with the diamond, which is a very strong symbol, along with very beautiful reflections. Other precious stones such as sapphires or rubies can also make very beautiful creations. However, the engagement ring must first of all match her/him, so the stones are not an obligation.

I, Cédric Chevalley, can help you make your proposal with panache, by offering a contemporary engagement ring – a creation that is at the height of your aesthetic and the person to whom you intend it.

Here are some examples of rings that could be suitable as engagement rings:

The purpose of showing you these images is to inspire your creation, to help you describe what you would like, and to allow you to tell me your different criteria. To do this, you can also send me links to images of my creations that you like.

Where is an engagement ring worn and by whom?

In my opinion, the engagement ring can be worn on the left ring finger to begin with. After the wedding, it can be worn on the right hand, to make way for the wedding ring on the left ring finger.

The engagement ring is currently also offered by the woman proposing to her future husband, or future wife, or offered by a man to his man. Here again, the “customs and traditions” have evolved and the rules have become obsolete, only one rule in my opinion remains and must remain: the engagement ring represents the spouses’ wish to marry and live together the rest of their lives.

It also frequently happens that the engagement ring is a pair of rings, so that each of the two can have his own.

In order for me to create the engagement ring of your dreams, you will have to define several criteria, such as :

– the profile of the ring (square/flat, rounded)

– the width of the ring.

– do we plan to make an engagement ring that can then be “upgraded” into a wedding ring ? (we can imagine many variations, such as making a diamond ring as an engagement ring and then make it fit onto a larger ring for the wedding)

– the materials and qualities you would like to see

– the budget

– the time limit

– a very important fact: finger size. For that, you can provide me a ring that the person wears on the left ring finger.

You can follow the instructions I give here for the creation of a pair of wedding rings as this applies perfectly and 100% for the creation of engagement rings.

Leave me your comments below this article so that I can answer you. It could be interesting for future visitors of the page as well.

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